the 32st ASEAN’s Largest Building and Construction Technology Exposition in Thailand

- 2018-05-21 -

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  • Bemo Standing roll forming machine
  • Corrugated Panel Roll Forming Machine
  • Double layer roll forming machine
  • Simple slitting mill
  • Simple cut to length
  • Manual Decoiler
  • Auto stacker
  • Two-component polyurethane foam machine
  • Four-component polyurethane foam machine
  • Water channel roll former
  • Storage Rack   Box Beam Roll Former
  • Solar panel bracket production line
  • Shutter Door Machine
  • No-girder arch roof roll former
  • Metal Rolling Shutter door machine
  • Highway guardrail roll former
  • Floor Decking Roll Forming Machine
  • Downspout roll former
  • Cable Tray  Roll former
  • Z Purlin Roll Forming Machine
  • C Z Purlin Roll Forming Machine
  • C Purlin Roll Forming Machine
  • Ridge Cap Machine
  • Glazed tile roll former